coming out? need help?

In light of what’s happened in the US in the past few years with gay teenagers/young adults, I think it’s responsible for me to put this up. Yes, this blog is 18+, yes this is a porn blog mostly but that doesn’t mean there’s no responsibility to the community that’s kept this going and I think that if anyone reading this is or knows someone having a rough time coming out whatever their age they should know there is a lot of community support on the internet. One really good place to start is justusboys – they have a coming out/relationship section here.

I want to clarify something – I moderate all comments on this blog for a reason and it’s not spam, I could just delete those. I mean this blog to be a place where people can feel comfortable, safe, not threatened, just have some fun even though it does have to support itself. Some people are attempting to make comments that either they were totally drunk or just plain have no common sense. I will not post anything derogatory, anything revealing identities. ┬áDon’t even bother if you’re one of those people – you will be rejected. If you’re someone who is in a bad place please use the links below or use my contact form, that’s in strict confidence and I can refer you to some people better qualified than me to help.

Here then are some real good places to look courtesy of JustUsBoys.

The Trevor Project is a great first place – 866 4U TREVOR in the US, 24 hours, @


If you’re not in the US:

UK : (if anything is broken let me know)

If you know of more (reputable only) resources for any country please let me know by contact form and I will add them.

You are not alone, a lot of us have been in just as bad a place and it can get better. Don’t fuckin give up the fight – the world will need you someday, even if it’s not today or tomorrow it will, so don’t give up. You’ll most likely see this exact post on other blogs as I’m going to be sending it around over next days.