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would you miss me?

27, Jul 2012

Conner Bradley has just gained immortality by becoming a vampire. He’s sharing his first moments of forever with his adorable mortal friend, Josh Bensan, and it’s going through his mind that everyone he will ever love will grow old and die, but Conner won’t. The curse of the blessing of immortality. Josh doesn’t want to […]

Cute emo kid Tyler is having a very bad day. He’s alone in the dark and just missed his bus — and then things start to go worse. He knows the strangers that have him surrounded can’t be human and the fear begins to overtake him — but just when he expects one of them […]


12, Jul 2010

Well I just saw this brand new gay teen vampire movie ‘Twinklight’ and I was impressed. So impressed infact I got with my friend over at scenekidscumtoo and we set up a special site to show just how great it is – click here to check it out! Here’s some photos from Twinklight and you […]