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Here’s a sexy British emo kid, Jaye Elektra. He’s 19 and despite what I wish he’s a vers bottom, super cute and fucking awesome dick. There’s an interview earlier in the full video but I kinda skipped over that cos he is so fucking adorable and now I just wish I could sit on that […]

thanks to the guys @ bloglovin for including me 🙂 Nice to see the effort is getting some attention! Follow my blog with Bloglovin Here’s a super cute kid from the brand new owners of the site Russboys which I suspect will really be pretty awesome once it gets going, atm it’s still a little […]

Alexander Syden loves to suck a nice hard dick and he wastes no time getting down to business with Josh Dixon’s nice big dick right away. Josh returns the favor and soon he’s sliding his tongue into Alexander’s willing ass right before pounding the shit out of him so hard the kid squeals in pleasure! […]

if you need help

3, Oct 2010

I just got this email from my friend and it kinda shocks me…five kids killed themelves in the past week at least cos they got outed. That’s just shit, I hope anyone who knows about this or knows someone needs some help goes to my friend’s page at and takes some help cos there […]

for any of you who are wondering, yes, that is me, roxy red.  there are so many things about me that people don’t know or would never expect, so i’m here to let you all know the real roxy red. for starters, i’m not really gay.  i’m actually pansexual.  what is pansexual?  thank you for […]