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SnakeBites part 4

5, Oct 2009

Contributed by AFK4l – part 1 here – part 2 here – part 3 here  Its so fucking cold here and I think I musta been drunk to agree to this but Sasha is sweet like everyone here it’s a pretty ugly place but all the people are so nice. And I guess my dad remembers […]

Snakebites 3

26, Sep 2009

Contributed by AFK4l – part 1 here – part 2 here I guess he got too much confidence then cos he’s showin’ up two days later and fuck I wonder if its an act or which part is if so. ‘I want you to meet my parents,’ he says and I’m like thinkin to meh […]

Snakebites – 2

17, Sep 2009

Part one is here.  Contributed by AFK4L I make a point to wander past the pussycat pen of jocks on my way out, bunch oflosers that can only offer the world date rape and beer sales, and of course he’s there, he hesitates a sec so I jus look right into his eyes like daring him […]


11, Sep 2009

First day, new school, gonna be the same as always. Ma snakebites hurt fuck I hope they ain’t infected cos I kinda slacked cleaning but I do try to make a good impression first, did my nails black and the eyeliner and ya they look at me weird but fuck them. Class, boring, I know […]