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  Miles Pride and Dean Holland get together in this super hot and playful fuckfest for emoboys. Miles Pride is one of those boys who really loves to fuck, and one of the top-rated boys on this site. He’s¬†been without for a little while now. He’s a little nervous about giving up his ass again […]

Spencer and his friend are on the prowl to catch cute teenboy Kayden and treat him to some special emo kid attention — the hard way! But Kayden’s always DTF and he’s into it right away. They suck each other off one by one until finally Kayden gets his boy juice milked out of him […]

I admit this vid feels a lil claustrophobic but hey — it’s also hot as fuck! In this amateur vid Ethan White, Brenden Killen and Shane are all crammed into one impossibly small shower. As expected with horny boys showering ¬†together, things get interesting rather quick and soon enough it turns into an all-out fuck-and-suck […]

This isn’t strictly “emo” but it has one hell of a cute emo kid, Blinx, right in the middle of it — literally. Just adorable. And this kid loves fucking, sucking, and cum — he’s fairly new to this brand new site Jizzaddiction and already in five vids! He’s got the cutest smile — at […]

would you miss me?

27, Jul 2012

Conner Bradley has just gained immortality by becoming a vampire. He’s sharing his first moments of forever with his adorable mortal friend, Josh Bensan, and it’s going through his mind that everyone he will ever love will grow old and die, but Conner won’t. The curse of the blessing of immortality. Josh doesn’t want to […]