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26, Dec 2010

It’s been a while since I put together a blog review but just this week a fellow blogger wrote me about a new blog that he’s put together with his friend. They’re super talented and the content ranges from some of their tamer Deviantart works to some really amazing erotica — here’s a few examples, […]

Well you obviously know I love emo boys and Brandon White is just one of the biggest turn-ons. I mean the kid doesn’t take no for an answer and I’d have to be a much better actor to even try to say no…only reason I would is I know he’d prolly tie me up or […]

Just came across these guys @ apathy has its hold on me…cute guys, cool pics.

nice gauge

22, Aug 2010



16, Aug 2010

This is one of the Homoemo boys a lot of you may not have seen yet – his name is Ollie and he’s just adorable. I love his hair, sort of a slight greenish tinge. Hmmm….click here for the whole set of this cute boy. [ click here to see all of ollie’s photos and […]