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thanks to the guys @ bloglovin for including me 🙂 Nice to see the effort is getting some attention! Follow my blog with Bloglovin Here’s a super cute kid from the brand new owners of the site Russboys which I suspect will really be pretty awesome once it gets going, atm it’s still a little […]

Erik Tribold’s boyfriend is very pushy. After two years he’s finally talked the cute kid into let him fuck him. But the day gets closer and Erik is having second thoughts. What kind of boyfriend basically wants to force him to do something he isn’t 100% sure he’s ready for. The kind that gets his […]

meet jamie sykes

1, Feb 2013

Jamie Sykes is a fairly innocent kid. Even though he’s 19 he’s just given and gotten one blowjob but he’s very much into boys. He wants to be a doctor when he gets out of uni and who wouldn’t want to get a thorough exam from this adorable boy? Just so cute! Here’s a teaser […]