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would you miss me?

27, Jul 2012

Conner Bradley has just gained immortality by becoming a vampire. He’s sharing his first moments of forever with his adorable mortal friend, Josh Bensan, and it’s going through his mind that everyone he will ever love will grow old and die, but Conner won’t. The curse of the blessing of immortality. Josh doesn’t want to […]

I’ve gotten several e-mails asking to see more of Kai and yeah he’s a damned adorable kid so okay 🙂 Here’s a trailer I made from a scene with super cute kid James Radford just for you guys! The two have chemistry it’s pretty obvious cos it’s so damned hot to watch them kissing even […]

Okay, boys, I know this set isn’t 100% emo but they’re so damned cute I thought you’d like it as much as me. Nathan Clark has dyed his hair black so it sort of is, besides, he’s adorable 🙂 He’s agreed to let his friend Kyler Ash tie him up but hadn’t quite bargained on […]

Kai is a new emo boy on Homoemo and this is his first vid where he gives an interview. I don’t know what it is but even before the kid gets naked he’s instantly adorable. Such a sweet, shy boy with a heart-melting smile and cute accent. Then he gets naked and just yowch! This […]