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Jake Wiles is a new red-headed boy and this in this vid he’s teamed up with Cody Andrews who’s sporting bleached hair. The two make out then suck on each other’s dicks some before Cody pushes Jake onto his back and fucks him deep. Jake is such a cute boy, can’t wait for even more […]

Kevy Codine is brand new to Boycrush and hails from Ithaca, NY. This kid is just so damned cute! And he’s already done a bareback vid which is just awesome. This is a teaser from his interview vid where he talks about his feelings about twinks, dancing, and how he lost his virginity to a […]

Boyish Cody Andrews works that cute skater look to his advantage as he teases the camera by playing with himself under his pants. He gets his uncut cock out eventually as he strips down. Cody grips himself tightly between the legs as he strokes before lubing up a big dildo to play with. He ends […]

Adan is a very cute emo boy who is unfortunately very clumsy. He visits his roommate who’s been working on some art for his wall all day and promptly knocks part of it down by accident. He says he can make it up to his friend Jake and gives him a kiss. Soon enough the […]