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Wow — yeah it’s still a little rough but already this site’s got some amazing emo boys. Check out this trailer, then check out the whole thing here > – click -< [ click here to check out this awesome new site! ]

zackary starr

23, Oct 2011

Here’s some super hot new vid of emo boy Zackary Starr for your Sunday — enjoy 🙂 Click here to check out the entire vid! [ click here to see zackary’s vid! ]

max and shayne reprise

14, Oct 2011

Well a month or so back I posted a hot vid of cuteys Max and Shayne from Homoemo — and they’re back with a “bang”! Not sure which one of these two boys is my fav but I think it’s gotta be Shayne, the dark haired kid. This vid is super hot so enjoy – […]

Sandy is one of my fav boys from Homoemo — and in this latest vid he just gets even better 🙂 I love his eyes, just *melt* lol. He’s 20, Scots, and damned adorable — here’s a trailer, click here to check out the entire vid! [ click here to check out sandy’s vid! ]

emo boy orlando

1, Oct 2011

This Brit kid is very cute and he’s one of many I’ve found on a site full of them that not many people know about — Urban Brits! It may not be obvious from the tour which looks like any other site but this site is full of cute emo boys in sets you haven’t […]