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So these two cute boys are alone in the woods and one of them says maybe they should get naked. After all…there’s no one around but them, right? The other says sure, okay, I guess, feeling strangely horny….but then his friend breaks out a candle and some handcuffs and things start to get real interesting […]

mylo fox jerks off

19, Aug 2011

Emo boy Mylo Fox is up again for the cameras this time in a super hot solo wank — this boy is cute and I love the shy smile he drops from time to time, so cute 🙂 Click here to see the whole video! (Sorry if my edit is a bit jumpy, the original […]

Just another boring day and these three boys are tired of all the usual shit…mall, blah, too hot to skateboard…so they decide to use the empty bottle that Aidan nicked to play a little game. Curiousity leads them to a super hot three-way … click here to check out Dayn getting fucked six ways from […]

My first reaction to this clip was, honestly, damn Sean Taylor is one lucky kid. I mean Tyler Archers is one of the cutest emo boys I’ve seen and turns out he can be aggressive — two big wins in my book 🙂 But Sean likes to play a bit rough too as he gets […]

Here’s a few stills from an awesome webcam vid shot by this cute boy all himself. Don’t you just love it when a super sexy teenboy is bored and horny and decides to entertain us? Click here to see his jerkoff vid! [ click here to see this boy wank ]