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HomoEmo just put up a very cool video and photoshoot with one of my favorites, Preston Andrews. He’s got a lot of personality and that’s really awesome in this new video — it just comes across so well. Here’s some photos from this shoot — check out the whole thing here! preston andrews preston andrews […]

for any of you who are wondering, yes, that is me, roxy red.  there are so many things about me that people don’t know or would never expect, so i’m here to let you all know the real roxy red. for starters, i’m not really gay.  i’m actually pansexual.  what is pansexual?  thank you for […]

savage county

28, Aug 2010

This looks cool as fuck but apparently it’s too much for some to handle. There’s a page where you can demand to see it. Savage County Official Trailer from Savage County on Vimeo.

nice gauge

22, Aug 2010


This is one hot video! Emo cuties Kayden and Zaccary make out passionately, suck on each other’s dicks, and fuck – for a full twelve minutes. The whole video is here – check it out! [ click here for the whole video ]