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Fresh hot set from HomoEmo – Andrew Dexter is my fav (the one with the red hair) — lucky Kevin, I could spend all day in bed with him! Ah and I’m told there’s likely going to be more of the erotica style photoshoots like the Jack Styles one I got lots of responses about! […]

I added a little music to this remix/edit of the leo poynter + phoenix link shag session to make it more valentine’s-day-ish. (Odd none of the V-Day cards mention the St. Valentine was eventually beaten, stoned, asnd beheaded..but i digress :/) Here’s a shrunken remix of the original video (the original is 23mins 56s!) — […]

This pale cutey is so adorable…and he even smiles a bit (prolly cos he knows he’s torturing us with that fit bod). He’s brand new from HomoEmo which just means yet another adorable boy is on the site. Something to look forward to all the time! 83 pics as well as 11-1/2mins of video of […]

There are 121 hot photos in this series from HomoEmo of these two adorable boys, it’s so f’ing tough to say they’re my favs cos the entire site has models I would rank as among the cutest guys I’ve ever seen! See the whole series here!

random boymix

10, Feb 2010

just some random cuteys from around the interwebs to cheer up wednesday. enjoy! -zack via [ milkboys ]