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We took these pictures some weeks ago when we spent a weekend camping outside in the woods. We were five boys and had a lot of fun with swimming, sitting at the camp fire and other activities. At Saturday in the afternoon Jeffrey and I decided to spend an hour alone. So we went for […]

Andre is a kind of guy who draws everybody’s attention on him. As he enters a room he can be sure that many people look at him. So he has no problems to get in contact with somebody at the disco. He met new people and was admired by many nice boys. ]]>

To realize that shooting we played a little trick on Frederic and Matt. We asked them to do another photo set together outdoors. We told Eddy about our plans and he agreed to drive by “accidentally”. This was hitchhiking fun… ]]>

Have a look at Frederic’s face! Look at his smile and you will smile as well! Frederic never seems to be in a bad mood. He enjoys life as much as he can. And not only is his face worth looking at. ]]>

The sauna seems to be the best place for Frederic to getting in contact with new boys! Frederic liked Matt’s open and friendly character and they immediately hat a lot of fun together with diving, playful fighting, kissing, and soon much more. One day we went there to take some new pictures of him when […]